Podcast Episode 35 – How the Grinch Ate Our Podcast

Avert your audio gaze.

Originally recorded 12/16/21(?)

This whole episode was a disaster.

It started when my computer wouldn’t recognize Google.  That meant I had to move all my equipment around and we had no sound effects board.

Then we were uninspired and the show was really flat.

Then Zoom started an upgrade and ate the audio.

That was probably for the best.

So, rather than let the evening be a complete bust, I took a cue from Spinal Tap and  went full Jazz Odyssey.

I picked two vocal track completely at random.  One for Stephe and one for me.

I have no idea how well they match up, but I fused them together like some stereophonic Frankenstein.

Whatever that adds up is what you get tonight.

Consider it my Christmas gift to you.

Your reaction will determine if you were naughty or nice.