SlurpToast Episode 13: Podcasting While Rome Burns or Else the Terrorists Win

While Rome burns, the boys fire up the podcast for the first SlurpToast Book Club. Yes, you read that right.

Recorded January 6, 2021

Tonight SlurpToast hits a baker’s dozen episode recorded while the fallout of Sedition Day plays out in real time.

On this episode we talk about:

We also brilliantly propose a Mace Windu return/heel turn. You know you want to see it.

The episode was originally going to be our first Book Club, but we got a bit sidetracked. We eventually brought the conversation back around to discuss Jack Kirby’s Fourth World in general and Tom King’s amazing Mister Miracle series in specific. If you’re a Kirby fan, you’re gonna like our deep cuts.

Oh yeah, we mentioned this bit of fun as well:

This episode of SlurpToast is dedicated to Tanya Roberts, Charlie’s last Angel and Moore’s last Bond girl.