Podcast Episode 33 – There’s Only So Many Rock-n-Roll Scarves to Go Around

How did we do a Thanksgiving episode and not mention WKRP?

Originally Recorded 11/22/21

So, I guess this is our Thanksgiving episode.  In retrospect, I’m disappointed in us for not even mentioning WKRP.

What did we talk about?

Glad you asked:

  • Old Men Ailments Continue
  • We Hate Ties
  • Nick Cave and Warren Ellis touring together
  • The inconsistency of studs
  • Stolen work trucks
  • Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • Hawkeye (possibly Matt Fraction)
  • James Ellroy and hipster patter
  • More joys of Ozempic
  • Batman TAS and JLU – stylish AF
  • Marvel v. DC toys
  • Heroes Reborn (timely)
  • For some reason…Styx chat
  • We introduce the world to Quaalude Bungalow

Bruce also gave an unsolicited plug to CovrPrice as he begins the process of selling of his comic collection