Podcast Episode 58 – Jesus Wasn’t a Doobie Brother

Originally recorded 4/11/23

Well, we went into this one without a plan, and, frankly, it shows.

We started out with Stephe finishing a gourmet dinner courtesy of the Quick Trip.  While he slammed that down Bruce kept the ship moving in some sort of direction.

Looking for inspiration, we then went into a double round of “What’s on Your Desk?” that yielded some fun results.

As it does, that led into some (at this point) obligatory Funko talk including the demise of Mondo.

All of this happened with laggy internet that had Stephe looking like an extra in a Godzilla movie.

We talked briefly about Stephe’s Opening Day 2023.  The Royals lost.

From there we talked about all sorts of things.  What sort?  Glad you asked.

  • SDCC
  • The pending SDCC Hotel-pocalypse
  • We landed on a sound effect for unboxing
  • The highs and lows of dealing with Vintage Goods
  • Stephe’s visit to K-State
  • The rediscovered joys of Ramen
  • Hip Hassidic Rabbis
  • Tackling deadbeat dads
  • Other fun follows (more next episode)
  • Lots of SNL chatter
  • We run down the list of SNL presidential players by memory (as best we could)
  • How we would mess with Kevin Sorbo in an interview situation

And we ended with Fanny Burps.

Well, not actual ones.  Just talking about them.