Podcast Episode 62 – Comedy is Not Pretty

Originally recorded July 10, 2023

The boys are in full SDCC anticipation mode.  That, however, doesn’t mean tonight’s episode isn’t a good one.

Stephe had been presented with the argument that Steve Martin was a “transformative comedian.”  Well, you can be sure we’ve got some opinions on comedy and comedians.  It’s a lively discussion about who we consider transformation comedians.  We talk about comics we’ve enjoyed over the years and their place in the annals of comedy (ie Sam Kinison).  We do our best to do bits justice.  It’s a lively discussion about a subject close to both hosts’ hearts.

We also get into things like;

  • Ryan Gosling as Mr. Fantastic
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
  • The lessons of Twitter
  • Tesla
  • The danger of Elvis impersonators
  • SDCC wish lists

“What’s on Your Desk?” follows up on last episode’s discussion of the need for Jack Kirby action figures and Bruce unboxes the new Powertown Bruiser Brody figure.  It’s a beauty, eh.