Episode 16: Little Dick Energy and World Series Balls

We celebrate our podcast’s sweet 16 and the end of the Texas snowpacalypse with another freestyle episode that ends with baseball chat.

Recorded February 24, 2021

Bruce has finally dug out of the Texas Snowpacalypse and the boys are ready to record again.

In addition to stories of braving the cold and new hot water heaters, they discuss:

  • Gina Carano and what her exit from Disney+ means to our fan casting of her as Big Barda
  • Keanu as Kraven
  • JLaw as Sue Storm
  • Stephe’s continued struggles with Extreme Yoga on Instagram
  • Karate and MMA
  • Funko
  • The Snyder Cut
  • Matt Stairs
  • Situational middle relievers
  • Justin Verlander’s sloppy seconds

Lots of stuff covered with only a few awkward silences.

And, yes, we do actually talk about World Series balls.

And a big shout out to David at Radiant Plumbing for getting Bruce and his family hot water again so quickly.