Podcast Episode 26 – Bruce and Stephe Mach the Podcast Into the Sea

Since Stephe still hasn’t seen Black Widow we have to discuss other things like the death of Dusty HIll and minor league baseball

Recorded July 28, 2021

Stephe STILL hasn’t watched Black Widow, so we won’t be talking about that as originally planned.

We do, however, discuss the change of the Cleveland Indians into the Cleveland Guardians.  Then we discuss other franchises that may be in danger of similar rebranding.  Stephe is able to save both the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Blackhawks, if the fanbases will work with him.

Then we dive into other subjects:

  • Beard Talk
  • The Death of Dusty Hill
  • ZZ Top
  • Teaching kids how to drive
  • How we learned to drive
  • Finding Vans for Bruce’s 86 year old dad
  • Tim Matheson aka Otter
  • Virgin River
  • Outer Banks
  • This Is Us
  • Minor League Baseball mascots
  • Whataburger Field and collection
  • Stephe’s Mexican love life

And finally, “What’s Adjacent to Stephe’s Desk?”

Time for vacation.  See you in a couple of weeks.