Podcast Episode 21: Remastering Elvis in the Age of Hot Topic

Every wondered who the boys would cast in a weed-centric remake of Smokey and the Bandit? This episode answers that burning question.

Recorded May 12, 2021

The podcast turns 21 and welcomes its newest sponsor, King Fu.

Then the boys talk about a whole slew of topics including:

  • Elvis impersonators
  • MMA
  • Cheaters
  • Recasting Smokey and the Bandit for the new weed culture
  • Stephe’s misadventures with dial-up porn
  • Umpire Angel Hernandez
  • Greg Rucka’s Lazarus
  • Invincible
  • The Marvel Superhero RPG
  • Adult Swim

And we end things with another look at “What’s on Stephe’s Desk.” (spoiler alert – its a toy)

It’s a lot, but it’s well worth your time.