Podcast Episode 30 – Unlocking the Mysteries of the Panty Tree


Look, this one just got away from us, okay?

We talked about a lot of good stuff, but the diversions were legion.  Funny, but legion.

Among the many things we discussed were:

  • What If
  • No Time to Die
  • How to Create a Bond Verse
  • Where are the other 00s
  • Black Widow (finally)
  • The made-for-tv origins of Shatterstar
  • Celebrity Jeopardy
  • Turd Ferguson
  • How about a Hanna-Barbera Movie Universe?
  • Squid Games
  • Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who as aging rock star

We also have our first ever “What’s On Bruce’s Desk?” The answer came from the fine folks at Pro Wrestling Tees.